EA Sports is thinking about gameplay tweaks to Fifa 14 to resolve numerous attacking options that feel subdued to people pla

19 Oct 2013 00:48

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Composing on the official forum in a post signed "The FIFA Group", the designer stated:.

"Our commitment to enhance FIFA 14 is continuous, and routine feedback from our fans assists us prioritise and identify future enhancements. We desired to take this chance to attend to a couple of even more items that we remain to work to. Firstly, we got some excellent feedback on gameplay throughout the trial and very early access duration, including:.

"The efficiency of headers from corner crosses and kicks .
"The efficiency of finesse shots.
"The precision of lofted through-balls.
"We want to update you in the near future with good information on the determined gameplay tweaks.".

In the meantime, the developer has actually released a day-one patch for FIFA 14 that will attend to "minor security concerns" and pests in the Skill Games and Creation Centre modes. The developer suggests anyone playing the early access variation of the game - offered to EA Sports Period Ticket holders - Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins - to use the update prior to continuing.

"Finally, we understand that some individuals are experiencing freezes during the game. We continue to examine these reports inside, and with our partners, and will upgrade the neighborhood when we understand more," it concluded.

Finesse shots and headed goals in specific are incredibly common in the shipping version of FIFA 14, as I filled in our FIFA 14 review on Monday. In fact, I spent most of my day off yesterday sprinting down the wing in Ultimate Group and crossing to Stefan Kiessling to score, at least when I had not been utilizing the scoop turn to develop area for Henrikh Mkhitaryan to send a finesse shot into the top corner.

EA has actually made a big tune and dance this year about how strength and shielding ought to slow the pace of the game, and while both aspects are beneficial, the shipping version of the game is still rather frenzied, with high ratings typical. It's ridiculously great enjoyable, mind you, but the designer's forum post recommends it's not supposed to be rather this interesting.

FIFA 14 is out for current-gen systems and PC this Friday, 27th September, in Europe, with next-gen versions due for the launch of PS4 and Xbox One free fifa coins.

The left trigger is now used primarily for shielding the ball from defenders. Holding the trigger causes your gamer to shield the ball, a technique that appears especially effective along the wings, yet otherwise inefficient against even a sub-par defense. Still, it causes your player to slow down and wait for colleagues to better position themselves to get a pass, which likewise happened much slower than I would like. When sprinting, the ball gets knocked a little additional away than it did a year back, providing even more susceptability to faster designs of play, especially when thinking about tweaks made to First Touch Control.

Presented in 2012, First Touch Control causes more unpredictability in the ball's movements, and this year it's more sensitive to less competent athletes. This triggers a much clearer differentiation in how groups play and how players effectively move the ball around the pitch. While I can't always say that Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo feel different from one an additional, they definitely perform much better than a no-name gamer from some two-star Chilean club. The previous 2 superstars may be able to obtain away with sprinting around the field a little and still avoid confrontation, however with the majority of teams you'll have to employ a slower, more deliberate strategy, as less experienced sportsmens are more likely to blow up of the ball.

If EA Canada's goal is to remove the arguably low- cost "sprint and with pass" strategy utilized by some in the past, they 've done an admirable job in doing this with the game's AI alone. In the mid-to-high trouble levels, the opposition offs passes and makes takes on with ease, and then knocks the ball around your difficulties when on the attack. It seemed as if challengers, despite their supposed skill level, navigated the field and the openings in my protection a lot easier than my group could. Additionally, don't trouble attempting to tackle a CPU-controlled player that is sprinting along the sideline while securing the ball; it seems downright impossible to obtain the ball far from them until they're currently in the box and approaching the web. The conserving grace right here is that slide taking on is more viable this year and no more a guaranteed charge, thanks in part to a slightly cleaned-up physics engine that does not have players falling over one various other as much.

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